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Envases Girona SL, company address Almusafes, Valencia, Poligono Industrial Juan Carlos I. C/ Tramuntana Nº 9, Almusafes, Valencia -Spain-, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Valencia, Folio 140, Volume 1585, Companies Book, Section 4, Page 9761, with tax code B-46263398.
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Said company can exclusively exploit their rights in any way, particularly rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation. Its content can be partially reproduced as long as the conditions below are met. Any acts which are not expressly authorised by Envases Girona SL are excluded.

Conditions for partial reproduction
  • That it is consistent with the purposes and interests of Envases Girona SL.
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Use of the Software
The software or files available fo download from this website are protected by copyright. In order to install or use software downloaded from this site, you must first accept the Licencing Contract, if any, which accompanies or is included in the software (hereinafter, the “Licencing Contract”).Regarding software which does not have a Licencing Contract, Envases Girona SL awards the user a personal and non-transferrable licence, according to these terms and conditions, as long as the copyright instructions and other property symbols are preserved intact.

Copying or reproducing the software in another service or place in order to reprouce or redistribute it is strictly forbidden.

The software is only guaranteed, if applicable, according to the terms of the licencing contract. All other guarantees are not included. In no event shall Envases Girona SL or its providers be responsible for direct or indirect damage, or damage of any other type (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of information, financial or commercial damage).

Website Updates
Envases Girona SL reserves the right to update, modify, or delete information contained in this website, and may limit or restric access to said information.The information contained in this website ( is current as of the date of the last update and must be considered as a guideline for the user regarding products and services and other information contained therein. The user may check the date of the last update of any information upon request, using the email address provided on the website itself.
Responsibility for the content of the website
Envases Girona SL is not responsible for incorrect use of the content and reserves the right to remove them or to limit or restrict access to the content at any time, temporarily or definitively.Envases Girona SL is not responsible for any information not present on this website and, therefore, not created by Envases Girona SL, or not published under that name.

Envases Girona SL is not responsible for any discrepancies that may arise between their printed documents and their online version published on the website.

Liability for links
Links (hyperlinks) displayed on this website are there for information purposes only.Envases Girona SL is not responsible for information found on third party websites connected by links to the Envases Girona SL website, or which is not directly managed by our website administrator.
Responsibility for safety
Envases Girona SL is not responsible for possible safety errors which could arise from using out-of-date browser versions, or from the consequences which could arise from a browser malfunction, be it due to poor configuration, computer viruses, or any other cause unrelated to Envases Girona SL.
Data confidentiality
This section details the privacy policy of Envases Girona SL regarding personal information provided by you when you visit the website. The aim of Envases Girona SL is to protect your information online, in the same way that it is protected in other mediums.According to Law 15/1999 of December 13, regarding Personal Data Protection, Envases Girona SL states that all the information provided by you to which they have access will be recorded in the company’s records to enable maintentnace and management of the contractual relationship with the client, or, if applicable, the management of your request or suggestion.

You can visit the website and study our products and services, read corporate reports, find out about the latest news and other value-added services, without providing any information about yourself. You can also access certain products and services where personal information is requested (email, contact details, etc.). In all of these cases, Envases Girona SL will inform you of the use and purpose of the treatment of your information, requesting your consent to carry out said treatment, as required by current legislation.

The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided.

Envases Girona SL agrees to keep your personal infomation secret and will adopt any means necessary to avoid the information being altered, lost, or accessed or treated in an unauthorised manner, taking into account the state of the technology.

Envases Girona SL continually supervises and assesses their processes to ensure that data privacy is respected.

You give your consent for your information to be treated in order to make other offers which might interest you in future, unless you state otherwise. This information will be sent to Envases Girona SL

At any time, you have the right to access, rectigy, cancel, and oppose, according to Law 15/1999 of December 13 regarding Personal Data Protection. You may exercise this right by writing to the manager at the following address: Envases Girona SL, Poligono Industrial Juan Carlos I. C/ Tramuntana Nº 9, 46440 Almusafes, Valencia -Spain-, or by a digitally signed email sent to:

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